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Do not disappoint the "seven" treatment, and spoil with "etiquette"

Date: 2023-08-22   Views: 1101

As a family member of Huisheng&Jingjiang, there is no need to envy anyone during every holiday, because the company will spoil it! The benefits of Qixi Festival are handed out to the employees one by one by President Li himself. Thank you for accompanying the company with youth at every step of growth. As President Li said, "everyone's efforts are worth being treated gently"!


Love is on Qixi, but also day and night. Special love, to special us!

What is happiness? Happiness is having a smile on your face and a heart filled with happiness! The smiling faces one after another are not only pleasantly surprised by receiving gifts, but also touched by being remembered and treated with care! Thank you to the company and this warm family! I hope that for a long, long time to come, we can still work together and continue to write brilliant stories!

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