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Warmly welcome the leaders of catering chain enterprises who have been cooperating for over ten years to visit and exchange ideas with our company

Date: 2023-08-17   Views: 1111

On the morning of August 17, 2023, Mr. Yang and Mr. Wang, leaders of a catering enterprise that has been cooperating with our company for more than ten years, arrived at our company. Mr. Wu and Mr. Li of the company warmly welcomed the arrival of customers and had friendly exchanges.


Mr. Wu led the clients to visit Huisheng injection molding workshop, blow molding workshop, and precision slurry workshop one by one, and introduced the product production process and equipment operation to the clients in detail. We have provided detailed answers to the questions raised by the customers one by one.

(The following image shows the customer in the Huisheng injection molding workshop)

(The following image shows the customer in the blow molding workshop)

Unfortunately, the customer's visit came across equipment maintenance in the seminal plasma workshop. Although the equipment was not running, Mr. Wu provided detailed information on the various equipment operation processes to the customers one by one. The customer expressed great interest in our well-organized workshop environment and comprehensive management system, and expressed that we can continue to expand our cooperation scope in this area in the future.

(The following picture shows the customer in the seminal plasma workshop)

Finally, the leaders had friendly discussions in the office, conducted in-depth discussions on some of the issues that had arisen during the cooperation, and formulated targeted solutions. The customer acknowledges the overall operation of our company and hopes to further deepen communication and cooperation, promote each other, and develop together in the future.


The service tenet of Huisheng and Jingjiang has always been to ensure quality and delivery time, and to fulfill our mission with responsibility. Sincerely welcome all leaders to visit our company at any time for negotiation, friendly cooperation, and mutual benefit!

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