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Do you know the grade mark of plastic tableware?

Date: 2018-07-09   Views: 1216

Nowadays, we use plastic cups to drink water and plastic lunch boxes to eat... Lightweight and portable plastic containers have become one of the indispensable daily necessities in our daily life. However, few people pay attention to the difference in materials of these plastic containers.

Usually, there is a triangle sign with an arrow at the bottom of the drink bottle. There is a number in the triangle sign. Different numbers represent different plastic materials.

The number at the bottom of ordinary mineral water bottle or carbonated beverage bottle is "1", which is only suitable for holding warm drinks or frozen drinks. When high temperature liquid is filled or heated to more than 70 ℃, it is easy to deform, and substances harmful to human body melt out. Such plastic containers may release carcinogens and endanger human health after repeated use for 10 months. Therefore, when the drink bottle is used up, throw it away and do not use it as a water cup or a storage container to contain other items, so as to avoid causing health problems.

The microwave oven lunch box is a plastic container marked "5", which is the only plastic box that can be put into the microwave oven and can be reused after cleaning. Special attention should be paid to some microwave oven lunch boxes. The box body is indeed marked as "5", but the box cover is a plastic product marked as "1". Because it cannot withstand high temperature, it cannot be put into the microwave oven together with the box body. Before putting into the microwave oven for heating, pay attention to the identification. If the box cover is a "1" plastic product, the box cover should be removed before putting into the microwave oven.

Some bowls of instant noodles boxes and fast food boxes are marked as "6". Although the plastic made of this material is heat-resistant and cold resistant, it cannot be put into the microwave oven to avoid the release of chemical substances due to high temperature. In addition, the plastic made of this material cannot be used to contain strong acid (such as orange juice) and strong alkaline substances, because it will decompose into polystyrene which is bad for human body and easy to cause cancer. Therefore, when packing food in a restaurant, it is better to cool the food before putting it into a lunch box.

The plastic marked "2" is mostly used for cleaning products and bath products, which can be used repeatedly. However, since the residue that is not easy to clean is a hotbed for bacteria, it is better not to use it repeatedly for too long.

The plastic with the mark "3" is rarely used for food packaging. Some profiteering businessmen will use it to produce drink bottles. If you see that the drink bottles are made of plastic with the mark "3", please do not buy them.

The plastic marked "4" is mostly used to produce fresh film, plastic film, etc. Its heat resistance is not strong. Generally, the fresh film will melt when it is exposed to a high temperature above 110 ℃, leaving some plastic agents that cannot be decomposed by the human body, and the food is wrapped with fresh film for heating. The oil in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the fresh film. Therefore, the wrapped fresh film should be removed before the food is put into the microwave oven.

Plastic containers look ordinary, but they contain rich knowledge. It is undoubtedly a reflection of responsibility for your health to pay attention to distinguishing different types of plastic products. More and more healthy fashion people, after understanding the use principles of different plastic containers, begin to return to the era of "iron rice bowl" - away from plastic cups, plastic pots, resin bowls and drink bottles, and try to use iron containers for eating and drinking. This lifestyle is a healthy and environmentally friendly choice.

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