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Jingjiang Kecan successfully through the factory inspection of a food listed enterprise

Date: 2022-12-19   Views: 1209

On December 14, 2022, the leader representative of a food listed enterprise visited Jingjiang Kecan plant. Accompanied by Mr. Wu and Ms. Li of the company, the customer representative visited the production workshop and the corners of the factory.


As we all know, in 2018, in response to the national call for plastic ban, we prepared to establish Changzhou Jingjiang Kecan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. The company focus on the R&D, manufacturing and innovation of environmentally friendly food and beverage packaging. Our pulp products use natural pollution-free plant fibers (bamboo pulp, sugarcane pulp, wood pulp) as raw materials, which can be biodegraded into water, carbon dioxide and other molecular compounds, and finally be absorbed by nature. The company has also obtained the corresponding ISO9001/BRC/FDA/FSC certification.

The following figure is: Mr. Wu and Ms. Li led the customer representatives to visit and understand the operation of the Jingjiang Kecan workshop

The figure below shows that the customer representative is attracted by the highly efficient mechanical arm in our workshop and asks about the production process and output in detail

In the sample room, the customer representative had a more detailed understanding of the product quality, sealing, water and oil resistance of our existing specifications, and gave great recognition to the honors we have obtained!

In the reception room, the customer representative praised our clean production environment and a complete set of operating procedures, expressed confidence in the long-term cooperation in the future, confirmed the details of the contract on the spot, and congratulated himself for choosing the right strategic partner.

R&D innovation and professional expertise

Never forget the original intention and live up to expectations

Huisheng * Jingjiang, adhere to be your most solid backing!

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