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Secret of the first domestic Airbus A380 on the PPSU air lunch boxes

Sources:本站 | Release date: 2015-03-11 10:53:03 | Pageviews:27
Key words:Secret of the first domestic Airbus A380 on the PPSU air lunch boxes

"Are the boxes made of plastic, crew?"

"Mr. Hello, this is a new environmentally friendly materials made of plastic lunch boxes it in our 200 ℃ oven heating, will not produce any toxins. Please rest assured that use!" Air flight attendants, then suddenly worry about Plastic lunch boxes of passengers Lee was at ease.

A closer look at the hands of the lunch box, Mr. Lee found that milky white box slightly larger than their own hands on the 1st, delicate texture like ceramics in general, in the hands of people feel comfortable. In addition to color, texture and traditional aluminum foil lunch boxes are different, Mr. Lee also accidentally discovered that this meal box texture than aluminum foil to be harder. Meal, Mr. Lee will be firmly in the hands of meal boxes, completely without worry about the distortions of lunch boxes. At the end of the meal, he raised his thumbs to the flight attendant, and happily said, "It 's so nice to eat this meal!

In the first domestic Airbus A380 first flight, by the European Air Products Co., Ltd. Chengdu good independent research and development of the PPSU green air lunch boxes caused by the passengers pay close attention. From worrying about the use of plastic lunch boxes lead to health problems, to the PPSU airliner thumbs-up, the identity of passengers to hang the heart of China Southern finally put down.

"In order to bring passengers a new experience on the first Airbus A380 in China, we have carefully selected every product used on the flight," said Mr. Zhang, who is responsible for air catering for China Southern Airlines. "The use of PPSU airliner not only brings passengers Noble experience, more silent transmission of low-carbon, environmental protection, health concept.

PPSU aviation lunch boxes made of unique materials made of PPSU, able to withstand from -40 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ above the temperature. This makes the lunch box in the cabin oven heating process, will not produce any harmful substances. In addition, compared to traditional aluminum foil lunch boxes, PPSU air lunch boxes can also be reused, greatly reducing the cost of the airline, reducing environmental pollution and damage.

In accordance with the domestic flight average daily consumption of 720,000 sets of airline lunch boxes, a year down, consumption of aluminum foil lunch boxes to reach 262.8 million units, 2628 tons of aluminum will consume a year. 1.2 yuan in accordance with the price of a meal box, only a lunch box this year, the airline will spend 315 million yuan. The PPSU air lunch boxes can be reused more than 1,000 times, the average life span can reach 3 years. Compared with the traditional aluminum foil lunch boxes, PPSU air lunch boxes to airlines each year to save 230 million yuan in costs, and can reduce the human activities on the natural environment damage.

Today, green environmental protection has become the theme of the times, has attracted worldwide attention. PPSU air meal is no doubt the advent of the field of aviation supplies to establish a new "weathervane." In the near future, PPSU air-conditioned lunch boxes will be able to accompany passengers to spend a better air time in every voyage, adhering to the environmental concept of non-toxic, low-carbon, health, recycling, effective conservation of resources and reduce pollution. (Reporter Dan)

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