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Review and Prospect of the First Anniversary of One - off Foaming Box

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Summary:Disposable foam plastic lunch box is a non-toxic harmless, safe, reliable, you can rest assured that the use of good performance, low price, low consumption, recyclable, in line with the concept of circular economy is very suitable for blue-collar wor…

Disposable foam plastic lunch box is a non-toxic harmless, safe, reliable, you can rest assured that the use of good performance, low price, low consumption, recyclable, in line with the concept of circular economy is very suitable for blue-collar workers, working people use green fast food product. After 14 years of prohibition on production, sales and use, the new industrial policy announced by the government on February 16, 2013 ("Order No. 21") has been adjusted from the phase-out to the permitted category and re-entered the market.

First, the lifting of the ban for one year, industry management has entered an orderly development of the initial stage.

1. "21 orders" from May 1, 2013 onwards. In July 18th the same year, the State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Food and Drug Administration and other three General Administration has jointly issued the National Quality Supervision, Inspection and [2013] 347 text. This is China's light industry, packaging industry, fast food industry enterprises and a milestone event. It shows that the relevant functional departments of the State Council on the disposable plastic foam tableware products consensus; also shows that a 14-year unmanaged foam plastic tableware industry has been incorporated into the orderly management of the government stage. "347" issued by the manufacturer's responsibility and should follow the food safety standards. It is not only the standard of product production, but also the standard of factory inspection; for business units and the use of units proposed to establish a sound purchase inspection system, is strictly prohibited distribution and use of unsolicited disposable foam plastic tableware. "347" also made clear the quality supervision departments, food and drug regulatory departments, the business sector to effectively strengthen the responsibility of disposable foam plastic tableware supervision and management and establish and improve the relevant product standards, management systems, supervision and inspection requirements . This is to promote China's light industry, packaging industry, fast-food industry has a healthy development of significance.

"347" clearly stipulates that the production of food safety standards to be followed are:

1) GB9689 - "food packaging with polystyrene products healthy standards"
2) GB9685- "food containers, packaging materials, the use of additives, health standards"  


2. By the China Light Industry Federation, China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the China Packaging Federation of Plastic Packaging Special Committee, the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, Green Packaging Special Committee, China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Economics and Recycling Branch (chips) jointly established China Plastic Tableware Joint Office, in March 2013, held a press conference in July, and held a "one-time plastic foam tableware industry provinces and cities responsible person meeting," the implementation of "21 orders", "347"; The use of composite national standards of raw and auxiliary materials (non-use of non-compliance with national standards of waste); production in line with national food safety standards, so that the people assured the use of disposable foam plastic lunch boxes requirements. August 2013, held in Beijing, "the implementation of QS certification training course", the experts on the enterprise personnel to obtain QS certification, according to proof production, strengthen product quality management required conditions, preparation work, to explain and carry out.


According to the new "Food Safety Law" to be passed by the Second NPC, we have organized experts and business representatives to draft the "Measures for the Administration of Quality and Safety of Disposable Foaming Plastic Tableware" (Implementation Rules) according to the requirements of the State Quality Supervision Bureau. Now with Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Quality and Technical Supervision signed a cooperation agreement, will soon be in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places for the pilot, when the conditions are ripe, will be implemented in the country.

"21 Order" for nearly a year, some enterprises for their own interests, regardless of the health of the people, with the purchase of waste materials plus pure material for the production of foam lunch boxes. Such a situation should be resolutely cracked down. May 3, 2013, I do the Department of Quality Supervision, in cooperation with Shanghai TV, a company in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, investigated and dealt with, exposure. At the same time that some lawless elements side of the counterfeiting, side of the counterfeiting, requiring the enterprise can use more than 70% of the waste material for the production of foam lunch boxes (Shanghai TV has been recording, video). May 28, 2014, I do and the State Quality Supervision Bureau jointly held in Kunshan, "the National Conference on the investigation of the quality of plastic foam tableware." According to the spirit of the meeting, I do in the quality supervision department under the investigation team 4, with the enterprise law enforcement departments to carry out law enforcement inspections, according to the meeting requirements "to Mingcha to unannounced visits to illegal production of low-quality lunch boxes to report." After the meeting, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, two enterprises have been the State Quality Supervision Bureau, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Quality Supervision Bureau conducted a investigation.


As long as we adhere to the "quality first", according to standard production, strictly strengthen management, law enforcement departments to seriously supervise and control, the use of waste materials to produce shoddy products in the past, present and future will have a hundred years later, Product quality will be better day by day. At the same time, for the first by the national standards and testing methods, must be further improved, with a view to better solve the "sensory failure", health indicators are qualified strange phenomenon. These are management issues, not policy issues. We must adhere to advancing with the times and normal management, and constantly improve the food packaging standards and inspection by law enforcement.

Adhere to the times and the normalization of management, and continuously improve the food packaging standards and inspection by law enforcement. With the development of socialist revolution and construction in our country and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more demands are put forward on food and food packaging. So the food standards and food packaging standards lag is understandable. However, as the competent government departments should advance with the times, the organization of relevant experts and enterprises to supplement and amend, such as disposable foam plastic lunch boxes lifted, the competent authorities should follow up in time to add, modify the standard, a clear alternative standards for production Production rules to follow. Insist on the standard of law enforcement inspection, the occasional temporary inspection (such as holiday checks, then reported to the surprise inspection, etc.) into a normalized inspection; launched authorization with the industry enterprises, community organizations to assist law enforcement

inspection; A people 's war may well be an important measure to ensure food safety.  


3. "21 orders" after the release of nearly a year, the production of disposable plastic tableware enterprises like mushrooming flourish, from the "21 orders" before the release of 160, has grown to more than 210, but also in the equipment Modernization, advanced technology, the level of high-end products have significantly improved in narrowing the gap with the level of developed countries has made significant progress. Disposable foam plastic tableware flourish spring is coming.


4. January 8, 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, head of the Department of Environmental Protection in the list of Chinese plastic tableware joint office work report, made it clear: the disposable foam plastic lunch box recycling, reuse, re - Strengthen leadership and support:
1) to be discarded disposable foam plastic lunch box recycling into the national mandatory recycling directory in 2014 to go;
2) Shanghai's "three-point money project" experience, we want to research, promotion; recycling disposal technology should also be introduced; recovery work of the regulatory work and the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Commission's relevant departments to explore ways;
3) The extension responsibility system of "who produces and who is responsible" for "white pollution" should be popularized, which solves the capital source of re-recycling work;
4) the development of circular economy industry, the state will give financial support. Commissioned to set up a "reward category", to melt re-granulation technology and equipment, RDF technology equipment, capacity defoaming technology equipment development, construction into such projects.

5. China's plastic tableware joint office adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and actively organize enterprises and experts to introduce foreign waste disposable plastic tableware in the recycling, recycling of modern technology and equipment - RDF fuel system, melting, granulation equipment; Combined with the actual situation of innovation, development with Chinese characteristics of the volume reduction and recycling of new technologies and new equipment, has made substantial progress. The disposable plastic tableware industry has become the international advanced level of circular economy industry, and create recycling, re-resource of the new situation is our established goal. 


Second, look to the new year, in the new clean environment, strengthen self-discipline, strengthen supervision, to create a one-time foam box industry a new situation.

1. Organize and strengthen enterprise self-discipline.

Food safety and food packaging and other related products, safety is produced (supervision is necessary), the main force of food packaging safety is the main force of food safety is the food safety and food safety, food safety and food safety is related to the safety of food packaging and related products is as important as food safety; The majority of production enterprises. Product quality, fake and shoddy products, in the past, there are now, there will be a hundred years later. It is important to enhance the consciousness of business owners, strengthen self-discipline. To improve the level of professional ethics, for the people to use the rest assured that the production of fast food as every business owner, each employee's lofty ideals and goals is the current important task. Therefore, the establishment of foam lunch boxes and food packaging business organizations is a top priority.
In accordance with the spirit of the 18th Party Congress, food packaging enterprises should be organized, the establishment of community organizations, their own management, has been possible. "And now China has no special community organizations in this area." January 10, 2014, 20 production enterprises have been initiated as a sponsor of foam box set up their own industry organizations, the Preparatory Committee, is now being processed in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. To speed up the pace, set up their own organizations, when a good bridge between government and enterprises, to manage their own in order to better achieve social unity to work together to maintain food security purposes.

2. To strengthen scientific propaganda, a correct understanding of disposable foam lunch box performance, advantages and disadvantages, use, improve the ability of the masses to identify and purify the market environment.
1) The foamed lunch box is made of polystyrene material. The softening point of the polystyrene material is between 87 and 97 degrees. Therefore, in 80 degrees below the temperature environment, long-term use is safe; for cooking fried food, the use of foam lunch boxes, the practice of European countries is to cushion the paper and other measures. Foam boxes can not be used in microwave ovens.
Therefore, deliberately with 109 degrees high temperature edible oil pouring in the foam lunch box to break through the lunch box experiment, is unscientific, is in charge of speculation inference; said white is ulterior motives fabricated.
2) alcohol is ethanol, vinegar is acetic acid, both of which are raw materials of ethyl acetate, but only in the two temperature control at 70 degrees Celsius, adding concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst in the synthesis of ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate synthesis in addition to temperature, catalyst and other conditions, but also involves the concentration of the problem, because the usual vinegar is not 100% pure vinegar, wine is not 100% pure wine, only the two are very pure together, in the appropriate Ethyl acetate can be generated under the conditions of the production process, but also in the production process, to keep the product removed, if the concentration is very low, there are a lot of water there, it is difficult to generate ethyl acetate. This involves a number of complex changes, "so it is impossible to put a little vinegar, put a little wine to become ethyl acetate, which is an unscientific, completely inferred by speculation out of false statements.
In short, the use of raw materials in line with national standards of production, in line with national production safety standards for the production of disposable foam lunch boxes, non-toxic harmless to the human body, you can rest assured that use. The anti-scientific, subjective, misleading stereotypes of the common people must be criticized.

3. to increase supervision, the formation of joint efforts to improve the level of integrated management to ensure that product quality in line with national standards. Resolutely crack down on the use of non-compliance with national standards, unqualified raw and auxiliary materials, the abuse of waste, fluorescent materials such as the production of shoddy lunch box behavior. Suggested that the State Administration of Quality Supervision to develop a more rigorous punishment system, the correction must be too positive, but positive, it is not enough to correct; better improve the detection methods; strengthen the normalization of supervision. Suggested that the National Standards Committee, the Commission further revised Wei perfect product quality standards and product health and safety standards, to fight a war to improve the quality of the people. China Plastic Tableware Joint Conference Office and the upcoming industry associations, is willing to be a good bridge between government and enterprises, for the government services for enterprises, and actively organize enterprises to implement the new "Food Safety Law" and the forthcoming "one-time Foam plastic tableware quality and safety management practices (implementation details) ", the one-time foam lunch box product quality to a new level.
Product quality, the emergence of fake and shoddy products is a long-term problem. As long as we "insist on quality first" zero tolerance attitude, those unscrupulous entrepreneurs, unscrupulous businessmen will receive due punishment.
In the past there have been false materials, scrap and other raw and auxiliary materials, the production of foam lunch box product quality is a local problem, is a management problem. The words and deeds that are partial and partial to the overall situation, attack the government and attack the industrial policy are a kind of ulterior motives and bad commercial purpose. They must be exposed and punished.

4. To improve environmental awareness, to develop discarded discarded discarded disposable foam lunch boxes, including the good habits of waste plastic packaging, is a long-term publicity and education tasks must be the whole society to act together. Implementation of the National Development and Reform Commission, Central Resources Division's decision to deepen the disposal of disposable foam box recycling, reuse, re-resource work, vigorously develop the circular economy industry, to prevent "white pollution" resurgence.
In the previous stage of disposable foam plastic tableware industry policy is not adjusted before the release, the market share is still as high as 76.1% of the cases, there is no serious "white pollution" situation throughout the country. In the industrial policy liberalization, as long as the recycling policy is clear, the implementation of technology, and then do a good job of publicity and education, governments at all levels to take the lead in strict management, and continuously improve the broad masses of the people's awareness of environmental protection, to develop a good habit of discarding waste , A one-time foam plastic tableware will not return to the market after a serious "white pollution" situation.

5. to increase investment in science and technology, and promote technological progress, and strive in a relatively short period of time China's fast-food industry, technology and product standards behind the advanced countries 15-20 years shorten the gap and catch up with and over them, Glass, boxes and other technical fields to innovate, to achieve some foreigners we have, foreigners do not, and create the conditions, we have to have, and strive to create a better environment, The development of more, more secure, consumer favorite fast-food, so that people fully enjoy the reform and opening up the dividend to meet the arrival of the fast-food industry in the spring!
Protection of food safety, must be a total of social governance, are out of the force. Crack down on evil forces of counterfeiting activities, purify the production, sale, use of the environment, one-time foam lunch box industry will be better tomorrow!

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