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How to choose the right disposable plastic tableware

Sources:本站 | Release date: 2016-11-22 10:43:22 | Pageviews:28
Key words:How to choose the right disposable plastic tableware

Disposable plastic tableware because it does not require cleaning and disinfection, use, very convenient to carry, in the food service industry is widely used, and some food service units and even use it to replace the traditional tableware. However, the daily supervision and inspection of the regulatory authorities found that some disposable plastic tableware manufacturers have not made access to production, product packaging logo on the QS (quality and safety) signs; some plastic cutlery manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, the use of industrial-grade production Calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin and other raw and auxiliary materials, and even the use of recycled waste plastic production, in violation of the "plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements" (disposable plastic tableware national standards, code: GB18006.1-2009) .


The use of non-compliance with the requirements of the national standard disposable plastic tableware will cause the potential harm to the health of consumers, therefore, concerns about the safety of disposable plastic utensils, to create a good food safety environment is very important. In the procurement of disposable plastic tableware, food service units to strictly implement the procurement inspection and cable system, first check the outer box and the box of the descriptive label is marked QS logo, logo content is complete, in line with the " Plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements "; second to the manufacturer or supplier to obtain a production license and product quality inspection certificate.

Consumers in the restaurant should be based on the appropriate number of meals, try to avoid leftovers, reduce the use of disposable plastic tableware opportunities; avoid disposable plastic tableware for a long time to store food, especially oil, water, food ; Do not use the disposable plastic tableware in the dishes dishes used to make rice, red soup; not express or logo can be used in microwave disposable plastic tableware not in the microwave heating use; for food service units to provide poor tableware should Refused to use; found that the illegal production and marketing, use does not meet the national standard disposable plastic tableware behavior, to promptly report to the relevant regulatory authorities.


Author: Yan Jun
Source: Jiangxi Provincial Health Authority


[Related Links] Disposable cups of new national standard will be landing experts said the implementation of difficult
Vacant three years of paper cups national standard is about to fall, the new national standard is expected in June 1st formally implemented.
Now with the accelerated pace of life, the use of disposable items more and more. For example: everyone in the water when it is often used to disposable cups. In fact, these disposable cups that look hygienic are in fact neither environmentally friendly nor healthy.
At present, China's only one-time paper cup industry standards, consumers are ready to come out of the national standards introduced twists and turns. Recent news that the new national standard will be one month after the June 1 officially implemented.
The new standard on the cup cup and cup bottom printing position is strictly regulated, "cup from the cup within 15 mm, the bottom of the cup 10 mm from the cup should not be printed", so as to avoid the use of disposable cups Eating cups printed on the printing ink, thereby enhancing the safety of the use of paper cups.
Vacant three years of paper cups national standard is about to fall, the new national standard is expected in June 1st formally implemented. The new GB from the root of the paper cups of raw materials, additives, products, packaging, printing and so put forward higher than the industry standard requirements.
International Food Packaging Association Secretary-General Dong Jinshi said that the new national standard, "cup from the cup 15 mm, 10 mm from the bottom of the cup should not be printed."
Dong Lion: When we drink water may be close to the mouth of the mouth, 15 mm is not printed within the better protection of consumer safety. Why can not the bottom of the cup it? Because the cup when the set, the bottom of the cup easily rub to the inside of another cup. So the following does not allow printing, which is in order to better protect the health and safety of consumers.
The new national standard also clearly states: no artificial added fluorescent whitening agent. Once the fluorescent substances into the human body, it may cause harm to the human body, if the dose reaches a certain extent may make the body's cells mutate into a potential cancer risk.
For the cup of material, Dong Lion said that the new national standard is no longer mandatory use of "degradable substances" production of paper cups.
Dong Jinshi: Now we do not think that degradation is safer. The original we are a little blind, what are the promotion of biodegradable. In fact, after so many years, we believe that biodegradable technology is the first immature, the second unsafe, the third waste of resources. So, now, the return to the safety of the first place, we do not require biodegradable, is the ordinary line, the degradation is also OK.
The new national standard also provides that recycled materials should not be used as raw materials, paper cups, the production of environmentally friendly ink to use.
Dong Jinshi: In the past we use ink are benzene, ink containing benzene or toluene and other toxic solvents, like newspapers have a taste, in fact, is toxic and harmful flavor.
At the same time with the new national standard of paper cup release and implementation of the "paper bowl", "paper lunch box" GB, the three national standards for the introduction of paper products, the end of the paper food packaging container products without national standards deficiencies. Experts also pointed out that at present, the new GB on the paper cup printing position with a clear request, but the paper bowl and paper box is not required, it will leave a fair competition and regret. Also worth noting that the new national standard is not open to the public for advice, which will also give the standard of fairness, science left worries.
International Food Packaging Association Secretary-General Dong Jinshi analysis pointed out that the implementation of the new national standard there is a certain difficulty.
Dong Jinshi: This standard is December 5, 2011 release, requiring June 1, 2012 implementation, but the standard is really printed out in early April, that is, to stay in business for a short time, the implementation will be there Some difficulties. Because a lot of enterprises are faced with molds, templates and even process adjustments.
Life, many consumers because the use of inferior disposable cups, filled with water in the case of paper cups will become soft. As a result, we got cups reinforced paper cups. Environmental experts Dong Jinshi said,
Dong Lion: Some poor paper cups will leak, some people at home or office with a cup holder, in fact, this is a tragedy. Cup with Sheng water I think it is a tragedy, is the biggest irony of disposable cups.
In order to avoid the tragedy, consumers in the market how to select qualified disposable cups? Dong Jinshi said that everyone in the purchase of disposable paper cups to a look, two smell, three hands.
Dong Jinshi: The first is to see, depends on the packaging of the logo information is not full. If you open, we want to see the color of the cup should not be too bright; paper cup against the light to see no impurities. The second is the smell, smell paper cups have no pungent odor, especially the taste of ink, or moldy taste. The third is the hands pinch, good paper cup is very hard, resilient, poor quality paper cups are often very soft after the pinch, no rebound performance, a pinch on the flat.
How to make a one-time use of paper cups safe? Environmental experts Dong Jinshi remind consumers that the use of disposable paper cups, the first glass of water do not drink, it is best drained. In particular, it should be noted that neither supercooled nor superheated water is suitable for disposable cups.
Dong Lion: Consumers should pay attention to several points in use. First, the paper cup is a layer of plastic, the outside is the paper, if the heat Sheng things will emit some flavor, because in the case of heat, harmful substances will be more volatile; but if you add too cold things, Will absorb moisture, such as: we drink beer or cold drink, we will feel paper cup softened. So it seems that paper cups are not suitable for high temperature, or too cold, two are not appropriate.

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