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How to identify the quality of disposable tableware

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Summary:Recently, the International Food Packaging Association of Chinas disposable plastic tableware, disposable paper tableware and other checks, the sampling rate of 64.5% pass rate. Real-time disposable tableware we are everywhere, how do we discern the p…

Recently, the International Food Packaging Association of China's disposable plastic tableware, disposable paper tableware and other checks, the sampling rate of 64.5% pass rate. Real-time disposable tableware we are everywhere, how do we discern the pros and cons of disposable tableware?


Plastic lunch boxes can be fake
Poor disposable plastic lunch boxes because of low prices, you can buy a few cents, and therefore welcomed by some small hotels. For example, in the production of low-quality lunch boxes, are generally added a large number of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin and other toxic and hazardous materials, posing a direct threat to the health of users.
Fake green plastic lunch boxes hand soft touch, gently tear to a rupture, a smell of pungent and choking eyes, easy deformation of heat leakage; counterfeit pulp lunch box strength is poor, deep color, there is a serious phenomenon of oil seepage; And non-brand name on the lunch box, no trademark, no production date; counterfeit lunch boxes than the qualified product weight, torn after put in the water easy to sink (qualified products less than 1, will not sink); 0.10 yuan the following, while the real price of environmental protection lunch box in 0.13 yuan.


o facilitate the chopsticks Taibai need to be vigilant
Many people think that disposable chopsticks are more hygienic and safe. But some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of inferior wood. To give chopsticks "whitening", some lawless elements will use sulfur fumigation bleaching. With this chopstick meal, the residual sulfur dioxide will then enter the body.
How to prevent "poisoning"? Get disposable chopsticks, depending on whether the packaging printed on the manufacturer's name, trademarks and contact information; those who have a white disposable chopsticks is not credible; can smell the chopsticks Smell, if there is sour sulfur taste, it is best not to use. Do not use chopsticks soak in hot soup or hot porridge for a long time, as this will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. You can use cold water to clean the surface of chopsticks to reduce residual sulfur dioxide.
Colorful pipette fancy may not be safe
Drink the time to note that many straws are made of waste plastic, the liver, kidney damage.
Some unscrupulous businessmen in order to cover the use of waste plastics made of pipette variegated, will straw dyeing, the more vivid colors, the greater the security risk. Experts advise, color straw is best not to use. Its raw materials do not rule out the use of industrial plastics, and even waste plastic recycling possible. Identification of the problem The straw can be followed in three steps: first ask to see the information on the production bag, the date of manufacture, shelf life, production license and number (QS logo). And then identify the color, try not to buy colorful, deep color to pay special attention. Finally, do not touch the drink in the straw before the smell of whether the pungent smell, if any smell, that is definitely a problem straw.


Clever identification of disposable paper cups
Disposable cups of the pros and cons can be "a look at two hear three touch" way to be identified.
Look: In addition to the production of packaging to see the name of the enterprise, address, date of production, but also facing the light to see if there is the best Blu-ray or impurities do not buy;
Smell: whether the pungent odor;
Touch: feel special soft, and may be inferior products.
Tip: In the use of disposable cups, it is best to use boiling water first, so that the cups of harmful substances in the full volatilization.

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