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2015 Shanghai International Exhibition successfully concluded, triumphant return

Sources:本站 | Release date: 2015-04-03 10:39:13 | Pageviews:29
Key words:2015 Shanghai International Exhibition successfully concluded, triumphant return

Warmly congratulate Changzhou Wujin Lijiahui Shengmao New Plastic Products Co., Ltd. in 2015 Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo a complete success.


Huisheng trade as a new well-known East China area of plastic products manufacturers, participated in this event. The exhibition focused on displaying a variety of environmentally friendly PP.PS, PE as the raw material of food containers and disposable tableware fork spoon products. In the three days of the exhibition, the new trade exhibition attracted great attention home and abroad, which exhibited five-cell snack box series, American 1500 can be used with two-cell and three-cell lining as the exhibition Of a major bright spot.


Many of the exhibitors at Huisheng show great interest in the products exhibited by Huisheng, and many customers have conducted detailed consultation and hands-on experience on-site, I hope that through this opportunity for in-depth cooperation. The exhibition, in cooperation with many customers reached an agreement or intention, but also through the exhibition and peer friendly exchanges, make many new friends, learned about the latest international plastics market Quotes, opened up an international perspective, which The future development of Hui Sheng will also bring new opportunities.

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