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Tour by Zhejiang friendship, for a better new future

Sources:本站 | Release date: 2015-07-20 10:35:45 | Pageviews:28
Key words:Tour by Zhejiang friendship, for a better new future

This mild climate of the season, we ushered in the company's annual collective tourism, this time, we went to a beautiful, scenic Zhejiang. This time, all our employees will spend two days and one night together. Time is short, but our friendship is forever.


The event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Comprehensive Security and the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Personnel. The first two departments made a detailed deployment plan, from accommodation, catering, traffic, personnel statistics, itinerary, event notification, All embodies the efforts of the two departments and allow employees to play the fun, the fun of the deep desire to play.


From the bus to leave Changzhou, all the staff in the tour guide led by playing a question answering, song Solitaire, Riddles and other games, accompanied by laughter in the way we arrived in Zhejiang, the bus on the way, a photo photo We have fun and happy moments.


In Zhejiang, we mainly visited the attractions such as the Songcheng play, laughing on the road constantly, lively atmosphere, passionate tour guides; team members admire the admiration of the convincing; we excited, to bring young people a joy; We are the unity, mutual aid, cohesion, and create a youthful, vibrant atmosphere. More is a variety of gains, reflecting the Hui Sheng is a good team spirit.


The trip, relax decompression at the same time not only enhance the emotional exchanges between us, but also enhance the cohesion of enterprises. But also reflects the Hui Sheng leadership care staff, work and rest of the work style.

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